Welcome to Chaiti's homepage

Hello, and hearty welcome to my website. Hope you will find this site informative, especially for those interested in the society, politics and cultures of South Asia. Now some information about myself; I hail from town of Howrah, West Bengal, where I was born as Chaiti Dhar. Born and brought up there, I've completed my first M.A from Jadavpur University in Comparative Literature and the second from Vidyasagar University in English Literature. After I moved to Germany, I've completed the third one from Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg in Languages and Cultures of South Asia, which oriented around eight countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. During my studies in Halle, I really got interested in the social, political and cultural happenings of India seen from a very foreign perspective and believe me, it is very different from the viewpoint when you live in the land itself. Once you are inside the system you are a part of it, but in order to know it in depth, you have to come out of it. So I felt the need to share my views and experiences, which I've learnt in this process with others. I've noticed that, very often the notions about South Asia in the western world are unintentionally or even intentionally misleading, giving birth to many false stereotypes and clichés as, India = land of snake-charmers and holy cows, yoga and meditation; Indian people = suffering from a regressive caste-system; Indian food = curry, Indian dress = sari, dhoti and turban etc. etc. Therefore, I thought of clearing a little bit of these disastrous misconceptions by providing some 'real' up-to date information about the region of South Asia. That's why you'll also find the addresses of some important websites related with the eight countries mentioned above. Two of my articles are also included. More would follow in future, I hope. So..... happy reading..... enjoy and explore South Asia!